Clarissa Nails Optima Range Gel Pink Milk

Clarissa Nails Optima Range Gel Pink  Milk
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3-phase new generation gel to use for professional nail sculpting. compare to other gels high quality optima gels have the right viscosity. easy to use, optima gels have
a perfect hardening time that allows to work on the nail until desired shape is obtained. it is possible to file off extra gel. unique characteristic of the optima gels is
the possibility to obtain a flexible and strong nail (several tests have demonstrated that nail sculpted with optima gel is stronger and more flexible than nail sculpted
with any other gel). French white gel: intensively white gel perfect to highlight nail smile and manicure french. due to the gel high pigmentation an extra catalyzing
minute is required. Use: apply in two steps (b-time). B-time avoids to feel nail warming which it might occur when using highly dense gel. 1) apply pre-optima to prepare
nail - 2) apply a layer of gel and polymerize for a minute. - 3) apply a small ball of gel to be shaped with brush and polymerize for two minutes. gel is self-levelling
thus application is extremely easy. French white application: apply two thin layers of gel instead of a thicker single layer as gel density slows polymerization down.

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