Clarissa Fresh Solution 120ml

Clarissa Fresh Solution 120ml
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Fresh Solution is exellent to disinfect. Solution is enriched with a delicate lemon essence. Fresh solution's Main ingredient is triclosan,an antiseptic,

anti-microble and deodorant agent stongly indicated in case of perspiration.Essential to be used when customer skin contact is necessary. Uesful

to clean tools daily ; to disinfect cases,stooles and arm chairs.

Use: profesional use spray over hands before treatmant. Let it dry naturally. Hand and feet skin: Spray over hand and feet from a distance of 15/20 cm and let it dry.

Spray productIn Between toes. Tools:Put A cotton sterilized lint on the bottom  of a metal or glass Container. Pour Some fresh solution to completely cover cotton lint Daly.

Why Using it? Hygiene is extremely important and technician must operate saflely. You might want to follow suggestions contained in this catalouge to better satisfy your customer.

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