Clarissa Nail Glue with Brush 8Gr

Clarissa Nail Glue with Brush 8Gr
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Glue With Brush.

Use To Apply Silk,Linen,Cotton And Fiberglass; To Repair Natural Nails; To Apply Decoration.

Glue With Brush Is Easy To Dose And Perfect To Be Used By Beginners. It Dries Slower Than Nail Glue 

Use: To Repair Natural Nail Turn Surfice To Repair Opaque Using 150 OR 180 Grains File. Put a Layer Of Glue 

Over Nail Breaking Point And Let It Dry. Apply  Second Layer And Let It Dry. Rub NailUp With White Block. Brush

Off Filling Residual. Rub Nail Up Again With Polish File  and Apply A Layer Sealer Residual Over The Nail, On The 

Sides And Under The Nail How To Apply Silk, Linen And Fiberglas ; Apply Glue With The Brush To Saturate Cloth 

Why Using Glue With Brush?

It Allows Total Control Over Natural Tip.

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